Energy Calculations

 Let Us Do Your Energy Calculations

- NOT required for a non-habitable buildings.

- Non-habitable: garages, storages, barns,etc.

- NOT required for buildings with no heating and air conditioning systems such as workshops,
   recreations rooms with no insulation, etc.

- Energy calculations are required for habitable buildings.

- Homes, insulated dwellings, recreation rooms with insulation, accessory living quarters, etc.

- Energy calculation are not the same as the Title 24- in California at least.

- Title 24 in California... Fenestration in additions up to 100 square feet shall not have more than 50 square feet of fenestration area, and shall meet the U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient requirements of Package D (Sections 151(f)3A, 151(f)4 and TABLE 151-C).